Sustainable Blog Idea

A blog about tattoos. This blog would be about different tattoo parlors and artists in the Long Island/New York area. Almost 40 percent of 18 to 29-year-olds have at least one tattoo, 50 percent of them have more than one, and almost 20 percent of that group have more than 5. With such a high level of popularity, this blog would be sustainable to this 20-something demographic.

This blog would feature specific locations, tattoo culture (foreign and domestic), and showcase different artists. To produce revenue different artists would submit samples of their work to the blog, and have one photo posted with a watermark over it, and if any readers wish to download artwork to use as tattoo templates, they would have to purchase the image. Readers could submit their own tattoo stories and experiences, an interesting or extreme example could be featured on a sporadic basis to involve readers and promote networking on the blog.

Celebrity culture is extremely popular, celebrity tattoos could be featured once a month and these posts could be linked to a pop culture site.

Katrina Bright Eyes - Copyright KristenMutarelli Photography

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