In Class Assignment 1

Darleen Denno, 18, from Waynesville Missouri, is an undergraduate student at Hofstra University, yet despite her young age has a class standing as a junior, and is set to graduate when she is 19.
Darleen attended Waynesville High School until age fifteen, when she entered into a special program provided in her home state that enabled her to attend North West Missouri State University. Having felt unchallenged in her high school classes, she left behind her school and home and moved into the dorms at NWMSU. The program was made available to many other high school students, and around 80 others were included.
After a year she transferred to Hofstra University to study print journalism, where she is now the copy chief of The Chronicle. She has interned for and writes on a regular basis, Darlene says that she prefers copy editing for right now, but still cares for reporting, “if it was my only job, I would rock at it,” she said. Her goal after graduation is to be a foreign correspondent, yet is nervous about entering the job market due to her young age. “Who is going to want to hire a 19 year old?” she said.

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