Guest Speaker – James Parziale

Hofstra University graduate James Parziale spoke last Monday about his experience working on The Daily, the newest breakthrough in paperless news. The Daily is made for the iPad, a newspaper you can read and touch without having to buy it at the newsstand or have it delivered to your home. Parziale explained that he took a big chance by taking a job with The Daily. The technology and concept are so new that it is impossible to know how it will develop and what it could be. His hours at the daily are long ones, terrible ones if you want to have any kind of normal sleeping schedule, Parziale says he works till about 3 or 4 AM. I guess that is what you can expect when you get hired at a daily paper, but I know that working at a daily is definitely not for me.

An interesting thing that Parziale mentioned is that people have described The Daily as a newspaper, magazine, and website all rolled into one program. As he passed around his own iPad I had a chance to look and touch and experience The Daily for myself, and I found the description to be spot on. It had the breaking news of a daily paper, the virtual capabilities of a website, and the design and features of a magazine. My major is print journalism, but I have far more interest in editorial design and layout, the artistic side of print. The daily is a creative and interactive combination of text, audio, video, and pictures. Looking at the layout of The Daily showed me how expansive the field of editorial design is, the options for artistic innovation in print journalism are endless especially when new technology is being created constantly.

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