Infographs –, Grammy winners 2011


For the infographics assignment I created two infographs that relate to pop culture. The first represents movies currently in theaters and their box office sale statistics compared to their rating received from, a movie review website. I generated the bubbles on, but the visualizer did not show the movie titles so I readjusted the visualizer and copied the titles to my paint file and pasted them under their respective bubbles. I then imported pictures of the movie posters and scaled them to size to represent the ratings given to each  by I then imported a picture of the websites logo and added a border for the title. I also added pictures of tomatoes to fill the white space. The second infograph is a word cloud list of musical artists that won at the 2011 Grammy Awards.

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Guest Speaker – James Parziale

Hofstra University graduate James Parziale spoke last Monday about his experience working on The Daily, the newest breakthrough in paperless news. The Daily is made for the iPad, a newspaper you can read and touch without having to buy it at the newsstand or have it delivered to your home. Parziale explained that he took a big chance by taking a job with The Daily. The technology and concept are so new that it is impossible to know how it will develop and what it could be. His hours at the daily are long ones, terrible ones if you want to have any kind of normal sleeping schedule, Parziale says he works till about 3 or 4 AM. I guess that is what you can expect when you get hired at a daily paper, but I know that working at a daily is definitely not for me.

An interesting thing that Parziale mentioned is that people have described The Daily as a newspaper, magazine, and website all rolled into one program. As he passed around his own iPad I had a chance to look and touch and experience The Daily for myself, and I found the description to be spot on. It had the breaking news of a daily paper, the virtual capabilities of a website, and the design and features of a magazine. My major is print journalism, but I have far more interest in editorial design and layout, the artistic side of print. The daily is a creative and interactive combination of text, audio, video, and pictures. Looking at the layout of The Daily showed me how expansive the field of editorial design is, the options for artistic innovation in print journalism are endless especially when new technology is being created constantly.

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Sustainable Blog Idea

A blog about tattoos. This blog would be about different tattoo parlors and artists in the Long Island/New York area. Almost 40 percent of 18 to 29-year-olds have at least one tattoo, 50 percent of them have more than one, and almost 20 percent of that group have more than 5. With such a high level of popularity, this blog would be sustainable to this 20-something demographic.

This blog would feature specific locations, tattoo culture (foreign and domestic), and showcase different artists. To produce revenue different artists would submit samples of their work to the blog, and have one photo posted with a watermark over it, and if any readers wish to download artwork to use as tattoo templates, they would have to purchase the image. Readers could submit their own tattoo stories and experiences, an interesting or extreme example could be featured on a sporadic basis to involve readers and promote networking on the blog.

Celebrity culture is extremely popular, celebrity tattoos could be featured once a month and these posts could be linked to a pop culture site.

Katrina Bright Eyes - Copyright KristenMutarelli Photography

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Campus Event

Documentary photographer Andrew Lichtenstein came to my Documentary Photography class to present his work. Lichtenstein is a Brooklyn based photographer and is the definition of a starving artist, “I have a stack of bills this big,” he said and spread his hands from his forehead to his waist, “and I just wait for the envelopes to change color before I deal with it,” yet his work is quite renowned in the world of documentary and photojournalism.

He presented to us his project “Never Coming Home”, a series of photo stories about families that had lost their children in the early times of the Iraq war. He began this project in 2003, when there were very few deaths and plentiful support for the conflict. His series includes color digital stills of the families that have lost their children. The families gave all kinds of access to Lichtenstein including entry into their homes, the deceased’s bedrooms, even at the funerals of their children. These color stills were played as a slide show and accompanied by interviews of the families. Lichtenstein stressed to our class that as a photographer, it is important to have experience with other forms of media, and that his project would not have been the same without the sound over his images.

He let us preview a work in progress, a collection of photographs that highlight the unpopular past of our country. He prefers to photograph things that have already happened, for example, a location in Connecticut where a statue once stood commemorating a massacre on Native American tribes, or a site in Colorado where the National Guard attacked a coal strikers camp. “I prefer to study social issues,” said Lichtenstein,  “It’s not all pretty.”

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Digital Still Photography

As a senior in high school I needed to take an art elective as a requirement, so I decided to take a Basic Photography class for a semester of senior year. This one class quickly turned my feigning interest in photography into a passion. I learned the ins and outs of the fine art technique, using black and white film, chemistry trays and a darkroom. In college I chose photography as my minor area of study and stepped into the digital world.

I learned how to use camera settings to get the “perfect shot” that I was aiming for, details such as aperture, white balance, shutter speed, and so on. It has been my belief since beginning my journalism studies that a news story without a photograph is never successful as a story with a photograph. Photography and video will attract readers more than a story of print alone.

After taking the photojournalism class at Hofstra, it dawned on me that news was not just about writing a good article. I quickly learned that a journalist needs to be familiar with all kinds of media including photo, video, and sound. Last month I went on an interview for an article at Da Vinci Tattoo Parlor in Wantagh, NY, where my co-writer and I interviewed the head tattoo artist, shot photographs of the establishment and shot video of him tattooing a clients leg. With the material we gathered we could place our article in a print publication with photos, and also post our video online, spanning more than just one medium and therefore reaching more people.

My final project in my photojournalism class was a photo story of the Chuang-Yen Buddhist Monastery in Kent, NY. I shot over a period of two days and captioned my photos. It was an experience that fueled my desire to be a photojournalist and also sparked my interest in documentary photography.

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In Class Assignment 1

Darleen Denno, 18, from Waynesville Missouri, is an undergraduate student at Hofstra University, yet despite her young age has a class standing as a junior, and is set to graduate when she is 19.
Darleen attended Waynesville High School until age fifteen, when she entered into a special program provided in her home state that enabled her to attend North West Missouri State University. Having felt unchallenged in her high school classes, she left behind her school and home and moved into the dorms at NWMSU. The program was made available to many other high school students, and around 80 others were included.
After a year she transferred to Hofstra University to study print journalism, where she is now the copy chief of The Chronicle. She has interned for and writes on a regular basis, Darlene says that she prefers copy editing for right now, but still cares for reporting, “if it was my only job, I would rock at it,” she said. Her goal after graduation is to be a foreign correspondent, yet is nervous about entering the job market due to her young age. “Who is going to want to hire a 19 year old?” she said.

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